Keweenaw Power Systems primarily performs power quality studies. These studies usually arise from equipment that is not operating correctly or is failing. Our knowledge of both power and control systems helps us to quickly identify your problem regardless of the source. Investigations have found problems that were initiated on the utility power system, customers power system, control wiring and wrong firmware in equipment computers. Regardless of the source of the problem, our engineers are committed to finding you a solution.

Being many power quality problems require traditional system analysis, we also offer these services. While not our companies focus: we perform Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Studies. Power monitoring for site load capacity, power factor correction and motor starting studies is also offered.

We do not directly perform maintenance type functions, such as relay calibration, breaker repair or infrared studies, but we are closely associated with companies who do. If we do not have the in house expertise that you need, we usually can send you to a known colleague who does.