Welcome to The Home of Keweenaw Power Systems, Inc.

Keweenaw Power Systems has been providing power quality services to our clients since 1993. We have extensive experience with the design and application of harmonic filters and other harmonic mitigation methods. Other areas of expertise include voltage sag / swell mitigation, transient mitigation, power monitoring systems as well as traditional electric power areas such as Fault, Coordination and Arc Flash studies.

Our focus is to solve power and control problems regardless of the cause. While we are typically called on because a power quality problem is suspected, in many cases the problem is due to control, equipment setup or equipment compatibility problems. Our background in both electric control and power allows us to work with the manufacturers of equipment and their customers to resolve operational problems once the equipment is installed on site.

Our engineers are active on many IEEE standards committees which allow them to maintain a close relationship with other leaders in the area of power quality. If KPS doesn't have the in house expertise to solve your particular problem, we know where to send you to get it.